Performing transactions with non-deliverable over-the-counter (OTC) financial instruments is risky in nature. The possibility of making a profit is inextricably linked with the risk of losses. The ownership and other rights to the underlying assets are not transferred to the clients when performing transactions.

Trade. Hedge. Execute.

A Global regulated Prime of Prime Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider for institutional and professional clients

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B2Prime BY. One year later

A year ago, the B2Broker group of companies held a grand opening of a new office in Minsk. Subsidiary Prime Brokerage Services Limited (B2Prime BY) is a licensed Forex liquidity provider in Belarus. Find out about the goals we have achieved over the past year and what is being planned for the near future.

Belarus: The Fastest Way To Start a Regulated Forex Brokerage

B2Broker Webinar – Belarus: The Fastest Way to Start a Regulated Forex Brokerage

Official Opening of New B2Prime BY Office, Minsk



B2Prime BY is a part of the PrimeXM ecosystem. If you already have PrimeXM XCORE, connection can be made via a direct XCORE to XCORE connection. Alternatively, connection can be made via FIX API.

One Zero Hub

B2Prime BY is a part of the OneZero ecosystem. Existing users of OneZero can be easily connected via Hub to Hub connection or through FIX API.


A widely accepted type of connection supported by the majority of fintech software providers. FIX APi is the electronic communications protocol for the exchange of financial data between a client, trader or broker and a liquidity provider.


This connection type is widely accepted as we use the most comprehensive and reliable bridge technologies including OneZero and PrimeXM.

MarksMan Hub

MarksMan Hub is one of the leading bridge/hub technologies on the market. It is already integrated with the majority of liquidity providers.

MetaTrader 5

You can open an institutional account on our MT5 server or alternatively, connect your MT5/MT4 server to our MT5 server. If opting for this method, be sure to order your gateway directly from MetaQuotes.

Our News

Frame 60839 B2Prime BY became the first liquidity provider in Belarus

B2Prime BY is a part of the B2Broker ecosystem, the main goal of which is to develop and provide financial services on an international scale.

Changes to by-laws of Prime Brokerage Services LLC

PRIME BROKERAGE SERVICES LLC hereby informs that the text of the “Rules of cash-settled over-the-counter financial derivatives trading” and “Products Specification” in editions effective as of November 1, 2021 have been published for your information on the website.

B2Prime News
B2Prime BY intends to get NFC (National Forex Centre) certification and expand its list of platforms

Liquidity and technology provider B2Prime Belarus intends to expand its position in the Belarusian market. In 2019, Prime Brokerage Services was licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, having become the first accredited liquidity provider in the Republic of Belarus.


Margin leverage starting from 1:5 to 1:100

We do not decrease margin leverage on net opened positions like Tier-1 banks. It is kept at a constant level.

No conflict of interest

B2Prime BY holds an STP licence and in line with regulations, we do not conduct in any market making activities.

Deep liquidity pool

We work with multiple top-tier liquidity providers and help you offer the tightest spreads and smallest slippages to your customers.


Benefit from direct access to institutional liquidity pools with ultra-competitive trading costs.

Wide range of instruments

Over 150 instruments are available across 5 asset classes such as FX, Metals and Crypto CFDs.

Quick setup

Get up and running quickly and easily. Connection is possible within 24 hours.

Regulated Liquidity Providers

All our counter agents are regulated UK and European Tier-1 prime of prime brokers and liquidity providers.

Execution from 0.1

Execution from 0.1 sec and the minimum ping. We are located in the same DC as our primary PBs and LPs.

Several price streams

We offer several price streams with raw spreads and small, medium and large markups.

Technical Support 24/7

Multilingual support to help

you with any enquiries.

uk 1


spain 2


china 1








russia 1


Group 2769


AF - Afghanistan






Our Clients

We cater to a broad audience of clients from within the financial markets.

As a leading Prime of Prime multi-asset liquidity provider, our client base covers professional and institutional clients across the whole spectrum of the financial markets.

Our cutting-edge technology, deepest liquidity, wide range of instruments and 24/7 technical support are used by many FX/Crypto Brokers, professional traders, fund managers, banks and other corporations.


Our client base comprises many brokerages who approach us for our renowned liquidity offering. We provide them with the best solutions available and can connect liquidity to all leading investment platforms. In this way, brokerages can provide their clients with direct access to these platforms and and the ability to conduct transactions in multiple assets. Our expertise and know-how is trusted by many of the largest brokerages across the globe.

Hedge Funds

We offer Hedge Funds the most professional prime brokerage service to support and drive their business every step of the way. By offering a range of custom solutions including institutional level liquidity, over 150 instruments, margin leverage up to 1:100 and the fastest execution, we are able to cater for all requirements according to specific needs, backed by all-important 24/7 support.

Banks & Corporates

We offer Banks and other large corporates access to the deepest liquidity pools from top-tier liquidity providers. Our many clients receive an outstanding service that only a world-leading liquidity provider like B2Prime BY can offer. We guarantee fast setup, multi-connectivity through our OneZero/PrimeXM bridges and Fix APi with execution from 0.1 sec. B2Prime BY services a growing number of banks and corporate clients who continue to entrust us with their liquidity needs.


B2Prime BY is one of the leading providers of liquidity in the industry, counting several exchanges as its clients. Exchanges are able to hedge their exposition for selected instruments with our liquidity and we are in a strong position to offer the depth of liquidity required by financial institutions of this level and standing. Our broad spectrum of clients and expertise across the financial sector that are capable of delivering a service that is one of the best.

HFT & Quantum Teams

B2Prime BY offers ideal liquidity solutions to HFT & Quantum teams. Surely, this is the future of electronic transactions, no other provider can match similar level of service. that B2Prime BY can offer. Connection is fast and easy, with multi-asset liquidity on offer across 5 classes, delivering a service that clients of this calibre can trust. B2Prime BY is the go-to choice of many HFT & Quantum teams. Our services meet all high demands.

Family Offices

B2Prime BY deals with many Family Offices and has deep experience in looking after their requirements. We provide a vast range of liquidity solutions, enabling them to cater for, and handle every aspect of their clients’ investments. Our solutions also come as part of a bigger package which includes a personal area for clients and software for money managers, ensuring everything is handled with the utmost professionalism. With benefits including 0.1 sec execution, direct access to the largest pools of liquidity and super-competitive transaction costs, B2Prime BY has emerged as one of the leading choices of Family Offices.

Market Makers

Investment risks are of utmost importance to market makers as they need a place where they are able to hedge their positions. That’s where B2Prime BY steps in. B2Prime BY has become the leading choice of many industry leaders in this sector who come to us for their demanding liquidity requirements. We are able to tailor to exact requirements and provide a solution that enables them to run their operations competitively, while benefiting from all the advantages we offer such as the fastest execution, no conflict of interest and 24/7 technical support.

Introducing Brokers

Successful introducing brokers very often want to open own brokerage when they feel that they can generate traffic to broker’s websites and convert them in clients. B2Prime BY offers a BAAS (Brokerage-As-A-Service) package of solutions which includes everything you need to operate optimally while handling every aspect of your business needs with ease. As well as the deepest liquidity pool, we offer the industry’s leading CRM software, a unique package-based trader’s room solution, as well as a range of other benefits, including fast connection and execution, all backed by 24/7 tech support.

Liquidity providers

As a Prime of Prime multi-asset liquidity provider, we have emerged as the leading choice of many LPs and provide the best tailored solutions no matter what requirements dictate. B2Prime BY is the ideal choice for existing liquidity providers who want to extend their liquidity pool and are looking for an additional source of deep liquidity with high margin leverage or access to new markets. We can quickly connect liquidity to all leading investment platforms through cutting-edge technology so that traders can receive direct access to multi-asset platforms and the ability to conduct transactions and have the benefits that come with it. We have built a client-base that continues to use us time and time again which means that we can be useful for you as well.

White Labels

When it comes to White Labels, B2Prime BY can offer liquidity with additional software for serving clients such as CRM and copy trading solutions. In this way, you can reap the benefits of B2Prime BY as a one-stop-shop by using our convenient comprehensive package. Whatever the liquidity requirement and irrespective of client-base and transaction preferences, B2Prime BY ensures access to the deepest liquidity pool with the best terms and conditions in the industry. We are experts in dealing with new and existing WL brokerages and can ensure the fastest connection and execution possible, all backed by 24/7 support.

Asset Managers

Our comprehensive liquidity offering means that we can cater for the liquidity needs of virtually any type of financial company, including asset managers. As these kind of businesses offer many different investment services. B2Prime BY offers over 150 instruments and 5 asset classes, enabling asset managers to cater for all kinds of investors in their portfolio. With tailored liquidity options a key feature of B2Prime BY, you can be sure that we will meet every specific need.


B2Broker Team to participate in FM London Summit 2021

November 16, 2021 London

In 2020, the Finance Magnates London Summit did not take place due to the pandemic. The B2Broker Team is delighted to be back at the event, scheduled for 16-17 of November 2021. The place chosen is Battersea Evolution, a huge 14.000 square metre innovative pavilion nestled in picturesque Battersea Park. This year the B2Broker Team will present their products at the booth number 21-22 – hard to overlook! Representatives of the company are ready to talk about the latest developments and innovations.

November 16, 2021 London

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B2Broker to participate in Skolkovo Blockchain Day within Moscow Techweek

November 11, 2021 Moscow

On November 11, the B2Broker team will participate in Techweek: Skolkovo Blockchain Day in Moscow. The company has allocated a large booth on the demo stage for meetings with customers and partners.

November 11, 2021 Moscow

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B2Broker to present its new products at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

October 13, 2021 Dubai

B2Broker has added another exhibition to its calendar for 2021: Crypto Expo Dubai, which will take place from 13th to 14th of October. The exhibition follows the company’s participation in Forex Expo Dubai 2021 (29-30 of September). B2Broker will participate as a Diamond Sponsor in it.

October 13, 2021 Dubai

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B2Broker became the Diamond Sponsor at iFX Expo Cyprus 2021

October 5, 2021 Cyprus

The city of Limassol will host the biggest event in the fintech industry, iFX Expo International, from the 5th to the 6th of October. B2Broker has confirmed its participation in the event, and we will be a Diamond Sponsor.

October 5, 2021 Cyprus

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B2Broker is heading to Forex Expo Dubai 2021 again

September 29, 2021 Dubai

B2Broker has confirmed its participation in Forex Expo Dubai 2021, which will take place in Dubai (UAE) on 29-30 of September 2021. More than 30,000 participants are expected at the exhibition, including industry leaders in the Forex market and fintech products. Company representatives have previously participated in iFX Expo, which took place in Dubai on 19-20 of May.

September 29, 2021 Dubai

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    Leverage does not affect crypto pairs, that is the difference. Example: 1 lot for crypto is 1 unit of cryptocurrency. If you want to calculate the USD margin collateral for 1 lot of BTCUSD, take the current rate of 1 BTC (9000 USD)x0.2(margin collateral rate) = 1800 USD margin collateral.

    Transactions in cryptocurrency can be conducted 24/7 any day, with minor exceptions mentioned in B2Prime BY specification (MT servers restarts).

    No, there are no swap charged on PrimeXM and OneZero level on the weekend

    There is no spot trading on margin collateral accounts, you get only the difference when position is closed, thus 
you are not able to do it unless your margin collateral account currency is BTC.

    Number of lots*point price*delta(points), for example: you have an open position 10,000 XRPUSD. You opened a long position at price of 0.2, closed position at 0,21. 1 point at XRPUSD = (contract size*tick size) = 0,00001 usd. Delta is equal to 0,1 usd =10,000 points. Your result of transaction is 10,000lots*0,00001usd*10,000 points =1,000 usd.

    Charts in MetaTrader 4 and 5 are based on Bid price. If a buy limit order was placed, it must be executed with an ask price. There is always a spread between bid and ask, this is a usual reason why.

    Charts in MetaTrader 4 and 5 are based on Bid price. If a buy limit order was placed, it must be executed with an ask price. There is always a spread between bid and ask, this is a usual reason why.

    The PnL will settle on your margin account after the rollover. It takes place on Saturdays in PrimeXm For OneZero the rollover rules are: for FX instruments [T+2 (in 2 days), or T+1 for USD/CCY2 and CCY1/USD pairs where CCYx is of [CAD, TRY, PHP, RUB, KZT, PKR]. T+0 for all other instruments.

    You will get a notification via email from b2broker support team.

    Your positions will be forced to close and you will get a notification from B2Prime BY team about the positions that were closed.

    It is recommended to keep margin collateral security Used on the level of 65-75% to avoid Stop Out. Possible options: 1) Deposit additional funds to your margin collateral account 2) Close part of your open positions

    In case of Stop Out positions are automatically closed on PrimeXM/ OneZero level, but will remain opened on MT 4/5 level. Stop Out level is 120%.

    But in case positions of your clients get closed by stop out in MT4/5, respective volume will be closed on PrimeXM / OneZero level.

    PnL is credited to margin collateral account balance only after rollover, which is on Saturdays in PrimeXm. For OneZero the rollover rules are: for FX instruments [T+2 (in 2 days), or T+1 for USD/CCY2 and CCY1/USD pairs where CCYx is of [CAD, TRY, PHP, RUB, KZT, PKR]. T+0 for all other instruments.

    There are several definitions of rollover: 1)It is a process when positions are shifted to the next day. Rollover is proceed automatically every day at the fixed same moment of time. During the rollover spreads can be expanded, thus some positions can be closed by Stop Out in case of the too high level of the Used margin collateral. So it is recommended to keep the level of the Used margin collateral on the level of 65-75% This rollover is a global interbank event and we have to deal with it.
    2)It is a moment of transferring Pnl to balance. It concerns only PrimeXM and OneZero.

    Every working day and there is tripple swap on Friday.

    Technical support will inform you about the upcoming changes of swaps by email before they will be applied on the transaction platforms. All relevant information you can find in B2Prime BY specification.

    Charts in MetaTrader are based on Bid price as default. Originally you need to be sure that Ask price didn’t reach price level. This is necessary because Buy limit order/Sell open positions are executed by Ask price. In MetaTrader Terminal you may turn on displaying of Ask price in the settings.

    You can calculate margin collateral level(%) if you know how much margin collateral it takes to open or maintain a position, and your current equity. Example with FX instrument: 1 lot EURUSD. 100,000 EUR (in USD)*Base currency rate to USD(1.13/1)(EURUSD rate)*margin collateral rate in specification(1%) = 1130 USD. Formula for margin collateral% = (used margin collateral(usd))/equity(usd)*100%. Example: you are going to open 1 lot EURUSD and your current equity is 100,000 usd. In this case opening 1 lot EURUSD will take 1130 USD(as per previous calculation) and final formula = margin collateral/equity*100% = 1130/100000 * 100% = 1,13%

    Formula for CFD: number of lots*point price*delta(points). For example: you have an open position 1 Buy AMZN. 100 points on 1 lot AMZN = (lot*contract size*tick size) = 1 00 usd – this is your result of transaction for 100 points price movement on AMZN

    You can take swap data from B2Prime BY specification here. How to calculate swaps according to your position: 2)Formula for swaps calculation: Let’s say swap long for USDCHF is (-5). Then swap charged for keeping 50,000 USDCHF open on USDCHF = 50,000(contracts)*0,00001(tick size)*(-5)(swap long)*convert rate (as an example let’s take usdchf=0,95000 so chfusd=1,05263) = -2,63 usd.

    B2Prime BY Oil price – The price will trend towards the future gradually over the period of the next expiry, it is a SPOT product, not a CFD on the future.

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